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Changzhou Runsun Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of solar thermal products and flooring products. We have 2 associate factories, one produces PVC Homogeneous Floorings and SPC Lock Floorings, and the other produces Solar Water Heaters and Solar Thermal Collectors.

Our factory of Solar Thermal products is located in Changzhou, and covers an area of 20,000 m2, and its annual yield comes up to 60,000 sets of solar water heater and solar collector. Here are most of the types we produce, Integrated Non-Pressurized Solar Water Heater, Integrated Pre-Heated Solar Water Heater, Integrated Pressurized Solar Water Heater, Non-Pressurized Solar Collector, Pressurized Solar Collector.

And our flooring factory is also located in Changzhou, covering an area of 70,000 m2 and building area of 42,000 m2. There are 8 production lines, 1 line for Directional PVC Homogeneous Flooring, 1 line for Non-directional PVC Homogeneous Flooring, and 6 lines for SPC Lock Flooring. We developed more than 20 series of PVC flooring and several series of SPC flooring, the annual yields of them are over 3.5 million m2 and 3 million m2. Our floorings have passed the tests of many standards, please refer to the tables of Technical Parameters and Standards.

To help people build clean and healthy residential environment, we always have a faith that it is our duty to bring more satisfaction to their life with our quality and design.