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Fengjing Wood Series09

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Fengjing Wood Series

Structure of SPC Lock Flooring:

1.UV coating
2.Wear layer
3.Printing layer

4.Stone plastic composite layer
5.Anti-slip layer/Shock absorption layer (Can be customized)

Paving Method:

Technical Parameters and Standards

Characteristics Test methods Results
Dimension EN 427 183x1219.2 mm Wood
300x600 mm Stone/Carpet
Total thickness EN 428 4.0 mm
Thickness of wear layer EN 429 0.3 mm
Total Weight EN 430 8.0≥kg/m2
Peeling strength of layers EN 431 Pass
Shear force of layers EN 432 Good
Shrinkage and bending EN 433 shrinkage≤0.002%
curling≤0.02 mm
Elastic bending EN 434 No damage
Chemical corrosion EN 435 Class 0
Residual indentation after
static load
EN 433 Mean value 0.01 mm
Bearing a castor chair EN 435 No disturbance
No delamination
Color fastness ISO 105B02 ≥6
Wearability EN 660 Pass
Toxic element test EN 71-3 Complies
Flame rating ASTM E84-03 NFPA class B
Nonskid property DIN 51130 R9
Performance classification EN 685 23, 34, 43
GB/T 4085 PVC block
material performance testing
GB 8624 B1 grade
flammability testing
CNS 8907 anti-flaming testing   Pass