Solar Controllers

For Integrated Non-Pressurized Solar Water Heater


Main technical data:

1.Dimension of controller: 210 x145 x48 mm

2.Power supply: AC230V±10%

3.Power consumption: < 4W

4.Accuracy of temperature measuring:± 2℃

5.Range of tank temperature measuring: 0~99℃

6.Range of temperature display: 0~ 99℃

7.Suitable power of pump: 1pc≤300W

8.Suitable power of electrical heating cable: 1pc ≤500W

9.Suitable power of electrical booster: standard ≤1500W

10.Ambient temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃

11.Water proof grade: IP40

Note: If main supply AC110V, output power of relay as below:

1.Power supply: 100~130V/ AC 50~60Hz.

2.Suitable power of pump: 1pc≤150W

3.Suitable power of electrical heating cable: 1pc ≤200W

4.Suitable power of electrical booster: standard ≤750W

Main Functions:

1.Screen display

2.Time setting

3.Auto mode function

4.Temperature controlled auxiliary heating at preset three time sections

5.Thermostat water supply function

6.Manual heating function

7.Manual water loading function

8.Temperature controlled water loading function

9.Water supply function when lack of water

10.Temperature controlling of water pipe insulation function

11.Pipe insulation function

12.Constant temperature heating function

13.Collector high temperature protection

14.Low water pressure protection

15.Memory protection

16.Recovery factory setting

Standard system: