Solar Controllers

For Split Pressurized Solar Water Heating System


Application capacity:

Max. number of collectors: 1

Max. number of storage tanks: 1

Max. number of relays: 2

Max. number of sensors: 3

Max. number of visualization application system: 1

Main technical data:

1.Inputs: 1 * PT1000 temperature sensor input
               2 * NTC10K, B=3950 temperature sensor input
               1 * 485 communication port (optional)

2.Outputs: 1 * Electromagnetic relay, maximum current 2A

                  1* Semiconductor relay, maximum current 1A

                  1* PWM variable frequency output (on/off switchable, 0-10V)

3.Functions: operating hours counter, tube collector function, thermostat function, pump speed control, adjustable system parameters and optional functions (menu-driven), balance and diagnostics

4.Power supply: 100~240V, 50~60Hz

5.Rated impulse voltage: 2.5KV

6.485 current supply: 60mA

7.Housing: Plastic ABS

8.Mounting: Wall mounting

9.Operation: 6 push buttons at the front cover

10.Protection type: IP41

11.Protection class: I

12.Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C

13.Dimensions: 178*120*43mm

Main functions:

1.CLK Time setup

2.AH After heating / thermostat function

3.PWD Password

4.LOAD Tank heating

5.COL Collector function

6.PUMP Pump control mode

7.COOL Cooling function

8.MAN Manual operation

9.BLPR Blocking protection

10.OTDI Thermal disinfection function

11.UNIT C-F switch

12.BEEP Beeper fault warning

13.RET Reset

14.PASS Password setup

15.M.H. Manual heating

16.Holiday function

17.Memory function during power failure

18.Screen protection

19.Trouble checking

Standard system:

Thermostat function for using surplus energy