Solar Controllers

For Split Pressurized Solar Water Heating System


Application capacity:

Max. number of collectors: 1

Max. number of storage tanks: 1

Max. number of relays: 5

Max. number of sensors: 6

Max. number of visualization application system: 1

Signal port for HE pump: IPWM1

Communication port: 1 * RS485

FRT: 1*Rotary vane type electronic flow meter

Main technical data:

1.Inputs: 1 * PT1000 temperature sensor input
               5 * NTC10K, B=3950 temperature sensor input
               1 * Grundfos Direct Sensor TM (VFS) simulation input
               1 * FRT rotary vane type electronic flow meter
               1 * 485 communication port

2. Outputs: 2 * Electromagnetic relay, maximum current 2A
                   2 * Semiconductor relay, maximum current 2A
                   1 * Potential-free extra-low voltage relay (on/off signal), possible combined with HR controller
                   2 * PWM variable frequency output (on/off switchable, 0-10V)

3. Functions: operating hours counter, tube collector function, thermostat function, pump speed control, heat number measurement, external heat exchange, adjustable system parameters and optional functions (menu-driven), balance and diagnostics.

4. Power supply: 100~240V, 50~60Hz

5. Rated impulse voltage: 2.5KV

6. 485 current supply: 60mA

7. Housing: Plastic ABS

8. Mounting: Wall mounting

9. Operation: 6 push buttons at the front cover

10. Protection type: IP41

11. Ambient temperature: 0~40 °C

12. Dimensions: 187*128*46mm

Note: there are 5 inputs for NTC10K, B=3950 temperature sensor, but only 4 sensors are included in standard delivery list, the other one should be purchased separately by customer if necessary.

Main functions:

1.CLK Time setup

2.THET Timing heating

3.CIRC DHW circulation pump controlled by temperature or by time

4.PWD Password

5.LOAD tank heating

6.COL Collector function

7.PUMP Pump control mode

8.COOL Cooling function

9.AUX Auxiliary function

10.MAN Manual operation

11.BLPR Blocking protection

12.OTDI Thermal disinfection function

13.OPAR Parallel relay

14.OHQM Thermal number measurement

15.FS Flow meter selection and flow rate monitoring

16.UNIT C-F switch

17.RET Reset

18.PASS Password setup

19.M.H. Manual heating

20.Holiday function

21.Memory function during power failure

22.Screen protection

23.Trouble checking

Standard system:

Wire connection to boiler on/off signal:

Heat transferring by external pump:

SFB Solid fuel boiler function

HEAT Heat transferring between tanks

Thermal quantity measurement with Grundfos Direct Sensor VFS

Thermal quantity measurement with rotary vane flow meter (FRT)