Solar Controllers

For Split Pressurized Solar Water Heating System


Application capacity:

Max. number of collectors: 2

Max. number of storage tanks: 2

Max. number of relays: 5

Max. number of sensors: 6

Max. number of application system: 10

Main technical data:

Size of collector 200 x 155 x 45 mm
Power supply AC230V ± 10%
Power consumption <3W
Accuracy of temperature measuring ±2℃
Range of collector sensor measuring -10 ~220℃
Range of tank sensor measuring 0 ~100℃
Suitable power of pump 3 pumps, ≤200W
Inputs 2 x PT1000 sensor (≤500℃) for collector (silicon cable ≤280℃), 3 x NTC10K, B3950 sensor (≤135℃) for tank or pipe, (PVC cable ≤105℃)
Outputs 2 relays for circulation pumps or 3-way electromagnetic valve, 1 relay for electrical heater.
Ambient temperature -10 ~50℃
Water proof grade IP40

Main functions:

Timing heating

Temperature difference control 2*ΔT

Collector emergency shutdown

Collector cooling function

Collector low temperature protection

Collector frost protection

Tank re-cooling function

Maximum temperature of tank (2*storage tanks)

Maximum turnoff temperature

(For solid fuel boiler return heating heat transferring between tanks)

Minimum turn on temperature

(For solid fuel boiler return heating transferring between tanks)

Anti-legionella function

Temperature controlled hot water circulation pump

RPM speed controlling (1*semiconductor)

Thermal energy measuring

Priority logic of multiple-tanks (2*storage tanks)

High temperature by-pass function (Collector cooling down)

Manual Control (for 5 outputs: R1~R4H1)

Password setting

Recovery to factory setting

Holiday function

Manual Heating

Temperature query function

Memory Protection

Screen protection

Trouble shooting

Trouble protection

Trouble checking