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Pressurized Flat Plate Solar Collector

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Working Principle:

The absorber board absorbs solar radiation and converts it into thermo energy, and heat up the riser pipes inside flat plate solar collector. The cold water or heat transfer medium is heated when it flows through the riser pipes, and then it flows into water tank or tank jacket or copper coil in tank. The water temperature goes up gradually through the circulation between water tank and solar collector.

Photos and Specifications:

Pressurized Flat Plate Solar Collector

Dimension (W x L x H) 2000x1060x80 mm 2000x1060x80 mm 2000x1060x80 mm
Absorber Area m2 1.8 1.8 1.8
Conversion Factor ŋ% 77.3 79.8 72.8
Loss coefficient a1w/m2 K 3.9 3.65 4.33
Loss coefficient a2w/m2 K 0.0052 0.0065 0.021
Volume of Fluid L 2.22 2.22 3
Max. Operating Pressure 1 1 0.3
Operating Temperature -35~150 °C -35~150 °C -35~150 °C
N.W. kgs 33 33 32
Core All copper, ultrasonic welding, Copper and aluminum composite technology
Coating Black chrome Selective titanium Positive electrode oxidation
Absorptance ≥95%±2%
Emittance ≤10%±2% ≤4%±2% ≤20%±2%
Absorber Copper T2,δ=0.15mm,aluminum,δ=0.15mm
Header Pipe Copper T2,22*0.7*1060mm,2pcs
Riser Pipe Copper T2,Φ10*0.5mm,8pcs,Copper and aluminum,Φ14*0.45mm,7pcs
Glass Cover Normal glass: 4mm / tempered glass: 4mm / Rhombic tempered glass: 4mm /
Low iron rhombic tempered glass:3.2mm
Dimensions of Glass Cover 1988*988mm
Transmittance of Glass 87%~91%
Frame Aluminum, δ=0.9mm
Color of Frame Champagne. Bronze. White.
Insulation Material Glass wool, PE Foam/glass wool, high dense polyurethane foam
Insulation Thickness 40mm
Back Sheet Galvanized plate: 0.3mm / embossed aluminum: 0.3mm
Cover Sealing Material Metal / EPDM + Metal
Packaging Carton
Package Dimension 2020 x 1100 x 80 mm